Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm going to start this blog to help me stick to a few resolutions/goals.

My thoughts are that by writing them down I will probably have a better chance to accomplish them. So, before I waste any more time, here are the goals.

1. Health - I want to live a healthier life. Currently, I eat sweets...more than once a day. I eat whatever is put in front of me (or whatever I put in front of myself). I have no portion control. I have no control period. I eat because I am tired, bored, anxious, scared, happy, etc. I rarely feel hungry any more because I constantly have something in my mouth. It's so sad to admit that. That lovely grumbling you should feel in your stomach before you eat hasn't happened to me in a very long time. I guess that is the reason I have gained 15 lbs. since we moved. I can make up 110 excuses why I am gaining weight but in reality, it doesn't matter. I need to stop. I need to set a better example for my children. They need to know that eating ice cream every day is not normal. It's not healthy - not just for my weight but for my mind. I need to turn to other things to help me feel happy...not just the pantry.

2. Change my attitude - I need to stop thinking about the negative as much. I need to express myself when I am sad and move on. I can't bottle everything up and expect it to just go away. I need to understand that people can't read my mind...which leads to my next goal.

3. Communicate - Enough said, right? I need to TELL people how I am feeling. I need to ASK for help. I need to just speak my mind...a little! Pretending that everything is ok all the time isn't normal, healthy or productive. On top of that, I need to be mad at the right person. I can't blame the kids or Ryan for someone else hurting my feelings.

4. Prioritize - I need to focus on what is truly important. I can't have people telling me what is important for me or how to act. I need to be me. I need to decide what is important to me and focus on that.

5. Accept - I need to first accept that I cannot control everything. I cannot make the world an amazing place. I can though make a difference to some people. I need to accept that this good enough. I need to accept that I am imperfect and embrace those imperfections. I need to understand that accepting others for who they are will allow them to accept me for who I am. Until I do that, no one will really know who I am. I cannot allow them into my life until I accept myself.

Ok, now enough of the drama...on to a few fun things that I want to do...just because!
1. Go to the Art Museum with the kids...and enjoy it. This may take a few trips!
2. Go camping. Allow the kids to experience a camp fire and stinky camp fire clothes.
3. Create an entire album of photos.
4. Go on an adventure 100% driven by a 5/6 year old.
5. Go on an adventure 100% driven by a 3/4 year old.
6. Spend some time alone with Ryan.
7. Spend some time alone with a friend.
8. Spend some time alone with Halle.
9. Spend some time alone with Ty.
10. Paint at least 2 rooms in our house.
11. Paint a picture and display it with pride.
12. Find creative work that I enjoy.
13. Volunteer at a nursing home.
14. Volunteer at the Children's Hospital.
15. Commit to something I enjoy
16. Say NO to something I don't want to do.
17. Make a budget and stick to it.
18. Encourage someone to do something they enjoy.
19. Plant a garden and watch it grow.
20. Take a class that makes me a better person.
21. Send more cards.
22. Make someone smile...more than once.
23. Trust myself without asking for any opinions...on something HUGE.
24. Create something out of wood.
25. Walk until my legs hurt.
26. Run a 5k...again.
27. Build a snowman.
28. Take a night walk.
29. Buy a present for someone...just because it will make them happy.
30. Compliment people without worrying if it sounds strange.
31. Bury a treasure in the sand for someone else to discover.
32. Teach a class.
33. Be quiet for an entire day.
34. Don't hold back for an entire day.
35. Say YES to the kids all day.
36. Have a party for no reason.
37. Clean the garage...ok, random but I love clean garages!
38. Make a present for someone.
39. Write a book with Halle.
40. Write a book with Tyler.
41. Make more traditions that we can all look forward to.
42. Eat dinner in the bathtub...that was in one of the kids' books last night and made them laugh so hard. Why not!?
43. Play with playdough and mix the colors!
44. Paint my nails.
45. Enjoy the journey not just the destination.
46. Cut my hair and love it.
47. Sew something with Halle and feel proud of it.
48. Start and complete a project without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.
49. Speak up...don't let someones confidence stop my voice from shining.
50. Listen to the advice I give others...most of it at least!

Ok, now that was therapeutic.

Here's to making 2009 a good year!